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Nigerian singer, Davido American Side Chick, has finally apologized to his wife Chioma.

In an Instagram post, Brown said that she is sorry for speaking negatively about Chioma or her late son Ifeanyi.

She also said that she is disquieted about all the events happening in her life now and would only prefer to be known for love and light.

Brown’s apology comes after she made a series of social media posts claiming that Davido had gotten her pregnant and was not taking responsibility for the child.

She also shared screenshots of text messages she claimed were between her and Davido. Davido denied Brown’s claims, saying that he has never met her. However, Brown has insisted that she is telling the truth.

Brown’s apology has been met with mixed reactions on social media.
Some people have praised her for taking responsibility for her actions, while others have accused her of being insincere.

Anita wrote,
“I am going through a traumatic & tragic time in my life. I honestly don’t want to speak on it & don’t need to, or have to speak on it. It’s too much to bear right now. Im disquieted by all of the events that have taken place. The only thing i will say is i regret that i let my pain and feelings of betrayal allow me to turn me against another woman. So, i apologize to Chioma. / never intended to speak on you or your child. Losing is never a good feeling, being hurt by someone you love and care about is not a good feeling.
Moving forward I would prefer to be known for the light i bring into the world.
Peace & Love”