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“There Is No Evidence That Naira Marley Killed IMOLE” — VeryDarkMan Roar

Popular Activist VeryDarkMan has taken it upon himself to create a film vehemently asserting that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that Naira Marley is responsible for Mohbad’s alleged demise, as depicted in a particular video.

This activist gained notoriety through his opposition to the skincare line Jenny’s Radiance. More recently, he has been in the public eye for pressuring Mohbad’s wife to conduct a DNA test for her son, Liam.

Upon the Nigerian police announcing that Naira Marley was in their custody, VeryDarkMan made this information public. He emphasized that, besides the video in which Mohbad mentioned that Naira Marley should be held accountable if anything were to happen to him, there exists no corroborative documentation. According to him, the case would crumble if Naira Marley were to have a competent attorney.

In addition to this, he urged any eyewitnesses, who purportedly were also victims of Naira Marley’s bullying and were allegedly coerced into promoting his suspected drug operations, to step forward and share their accounts.

To seek justice for Mohbad, VeryDarkMan invited individuals such as Bella Shmurda, Lil Smart, Dj Splash, and Mohbad’s mother to voice their perspectives. He clarified that the case wouldn’t be won based on emotions and public sentiments. Instead, relying on credible eyewitnesses would enable Mohbad to prevail and obtain justice.

Observing a prevailing sentiment against Naira Marley in Nigeria, VeryDarkMan noted a pattern where some individuals were contributing to misinformation to escalate the situation.

Expressing his belief that there are more individuals involved in the situation, he alleged that Naira Marley and Sam Larry were taking the fall for higher-profile figures associated with the matter.