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Nigerian lady Counsel Her Gender – “Don’t suffer with any man. If he doesn’t have money, leave him”

Different reactions have trailed as Netizens react to a lady opinion about relationship.
The advice a lady gave to her fellow women on X (twitter) has caused a buzz on the microblogging platform as a couple of tweeps debate whether or not her stance is valid.

The lady shared her two cents about not building with a man in a relationship and this has had tongues wagging.

According to her, ‘Don’t suffer with any man. If he doesn’t have money, leave him’. Her stance hasn’t been received well with a lot of people who have reacted to her tweet.
While a number of them supported her, others felt it wasn’t a nice thing for her to say and her opinion wasn’t needed.

Below are some of the reactions,

Same with the woman too

Don’t build a poor woman. If she doesn’t have money, leave her

I agree, seeing as you’re also broke, jobless and can’t do anything for yourself, suffer alone, and don’t add to the young man’s problems

I support your motion

Women leader don talk

Real, but making money together

Don’t suffer with any woman, if she doesn’t have money, leave her,

Who wan suffer with short woman before?

Keep the same energy when a rich man decides to flex and flirt around with numerous girls.

Some has to date the right? Don’t advise anybody oh, they’ll learn

This mindset is next level

As a guy i support this