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DNA test confirms Mohbad is the father of his son, Liam Aloma

Media personality Ruth has stated that a DNA test has conclusively established the late Nigerian singer Mohbad as the biological father of his son.

In a recent interview, Ruth disclosed that she personally viewed the DNA test results, confirming Mohbad’s paternity.

She expressed happiness for Mohbad’s family, hoping that this revelation would provide them with closure and put an end to any lingering doubts.

Mr. Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, had previously insisted on a DNA test to ascertain Mohbad’s paternity regarding his son, Liam. This request emerged after Mohbad’s passing, sparking debates about the child’s true parentage.

The DNA test results have now definitively established that Mohbad is indeed Liam’s father, putting to rest any lingering uncertainties.