Oxlade Opens Up on Some Hidden Truths

In a candid revelation, Nigerian singer Oxlade, born Ikuforiji Olaitan, shared a harrowing experience during a podcast interview with Tea with Tay. The artist disclosed that he left university in his final year due to intense pressure from cult members who were actively trying to recruit him.

Oxlade revealed that during his university days, he was dedicated to reading the Bible and books in the church. However, he was compelled to drop out when he became the target of a group persuading him to join a gang.

During my university days, I was always in the church reading Bible and books. Then I dropped out in my final year. I’ve never said this before. I dropped out when some boys were trying to make me join a gang,” he said.

The singer narrated an incident when the cult members went searching for him in his hostel after his grandmother urged him to come home. His grandmother’s intuition, which prompted the call to him, proved to be life-saving, as he avoided a potentially dangerous encounter with the cultists.

One day, my grandma called me asking where I was. I said I was on campus, and she said I should start coming to our family home in Ibadan. I went to Ibadan. That day, those boys almost killed my roommates,” Oxlade recounted.

He expressed deep gratitude for his grandmother’s foresight, emphasizing that God’s intervention played a crucial role in his safety during that turbulent time.

That’s why I appreciate my grandma’s importance in my life. Forget all these things we dey whine, God dey, truly, there’s God. And I’m saying this with my full chest, God has saved me countless times,” he added.

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