FG urge Hospitals Not to insist on police report before saving lives

The Federal Government has charged hospitals in the country to prioritise saving lives above any other thing.

For decades, Nigerian hospitals have demanded police reports from gunshot and accident victims before the commencement of treatment, which has led to victims losing their lives on many occasions.

Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Muhammad Ali Pate, said that the Federal Government has issued a directive to hospitals to always save lives first before making any other demands.

“Recently there have been concerns about patients who show up at the emergency facilities and police reports being asked about gunshots or accidents. That’s really unfortunate, but in all federal teaching hospitals, for instance, I was in Maiduguri at the weekend, life has to be saved first.” Pate told Channels Television on Wednesday, October 11.

“Life first and we have reemphasised that. All our hospitals I believe are doing that. No person should come with an emergency, or life-threatening challenge and be made to lose their life while awaiting police report.

“Saving lives comes first and that is the direction we have given; that is what we would pursue and we hope that all hospitals including private hospitals will have this mindset that in health, it’s save lives first,” Pate said.

The Health Minister said that it is expected that states across the nation will also follow up with the Federal Government’s directive in their various hospitals.

source: LIB

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