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Dynamix is The Most Underrated in The Entertainment Industry –Agreed?

Ayo Dynamic, better known as Dynamix, is a popular Kaduna Based Producer now turned Singer.

Dynamix is one of the underappreciated Act in the Kaduna Entertainment industry. Dynamix who considers himself to be “the most consistent artist” in the music industry is not duly given his flowers by Show organizers, promoters and even less regarded in terms of nominations or acknowledgments.

Dynamix has hit milestones which some of the entertainment Industry Big Cats have not achieved with their biggest Hits songs, just barely not more than two years he picked the mic to become a Singer.

Some of his Songs with milestones includes Pami with over 30,000 plays on Spotify, Carry Me go (Cover) with over 20,000 Plays on Audiomack, how come and even an International feature he just released with a Norwegian Ghanian Singer Que Labik titled Ekebe just to mention a few.

This is no disrespect to anybody. It’s just my opinion. I believe that Dynamix is the rave of the moment because his journey is inspiring and he is putting more effort in conquering.