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10 Upcoming Events your Not suppose to Miss In Kaduna

The year is about to End, Events planners and Show promoters /organizers are getting to work.

Hey you, yes you, You don work you don try. Here are top events your not suppose to miss out for any reason in Kaduna.

  1. Comedy Popcorn hangout with MC Alert and Destalker 5th November, 2023
  2. Once upon a Joke with Ola-D 12th November, 2023
  3. Rich and Famous with Prayer Point 19th November, 2023
  4. Silent Rave with Djfemfad 19th November, 2023
  5. Asixx Live on Stage  26th November, 2023
  6. Mentality of Comedy with MOB 26th November, 2023
  7. 404 hangout with Khing SB Auta X Baki Mathias 3rd December 2023
  8. The leaugue of Extra ordinary Achievers Awards with Gaze 3rd December, 2023
  9. FESTOLI 26th December, 2023
  10. Event of the Year with CrocCity Connect 26th December, 2023

Dont miss out and catch fun out there.