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Nigerian Prophet under fire for giving wrong game predictions

A popular Nigerian Prophet, Primate Ayodele gave predictions for the game week? He said “Liverpool will beat Luton very well” But things did not fall in place fro him, as he receives backlash from netizens.


Seems people took the predictions seriouly since it was coming from a man of God and staked highly but the “ticket cut”
Some reactions online…

Mike: Who knows his Church address ??

Alaafin of Canada: These men of MEN would sha not stop disgracing themselves. This was how many of them rushed out during elections to yarn okotos only to be shamed yakata, exposing their ordinariness to the whole wide world. If you must predict, predict. Everyone predicts but don’t make it look like a prophecy because we know no God sent you a message, na you dey send yourself. Yeyenatu.

Ilaje Sultan: Funniest part of this was Nobody asked him. Nobody. But when you’re a scam, you have a way of setting yourself up. The most annoying part was when he was grabbing his cap as if he was adjusting the inspiration. Awon Ole, adojutini.

King Marvel: Liverpool would have won that game convincingly but God did this to disgrace this man

Edafe: This one na werey and I regret listening to his predictions 😏😏

LOLX: Baba use big team tax thinking he’s sleek 😭

Emeka: Sir both you and Liverpool will Crumble

Anonymous: Shebi prophecy is no longer for the edification of the body of Christ, it is now to predict who wins a football game or who wins a presidential elections. This is what happens when the gift meant for the body’s edification wants to be used for profiting of some.