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Introducing πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£ Vibesloaded Chart Box (TOP 10) Music Chart

Vibesloaded Chart Box (TOP 10) Music Chart which recognize top entertainers organized by Vibeshow (Your No 1 Entertainment Brand).

Our Brand Team consist of professionals, who are driven by one goal which is putting Krockcity on the Map.

They are to conduct physical, radio and online Survey to know which of our Krockcity Artistes are making more waves than the Others and a chart will be released every Sunday in other to know whose song is still trending and the songs that are no longer trending in Kaduna State and the Chart will be published weekly (online) by vΓ­besloaded.com.ng

The Chart rankings are based on the Public, Song Downloads, radio play and social media Acceptance.

The Nomination Exercise runs from Monday to Sunday and Every Week a Chart will be released on these Blogs respectively.

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