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Man causes buzz as he brags about being a yahoo boy when asked about his occupation

A young Nigerian man identified as Cotomistos openly admitted to engaging in internet fraud, commonly known as “yahoo yahoo,” while flaunting his wealth to TikToker @dolchex_official.
The confrontation occurred inside Cotomistos’ car, where he willingly disclosed details about his illicit activities.

According to the video, Cotomistos hails from Anambra but currently resides in Delta, Nigeria.
When pressed about his occupation by the interviewer.

“What do you do for a living?, the interviewer asked.

In response, Cotomistos said;

“I’m a yahoo boy,”

@dolchex_official, the TikToker conducting the impromptu interview, delved further into Cotomistos’ financial situation, asking about the amount of money he has amassed from his fraudulent activities.

To the astonishment of viewers, Cotomistos claimed to have approximately N21 million in his bank account.

When asked about his presence on social media platforms, he claimed not to be on any of them.
See below;