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Family Seeks Justice As Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman In Gonin Gora, Kaduna

A resident of Gonin Gora, Kaduna State shares a heart-wrenching tale of his wife’s untimely demise at the hands of a police officer.  The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, 14/11/2023, has left Sunday grappling with grief and unanswered questions.

According to him, his wife fell victim to a fatal shooting at their doorstep by a police officer from a nearby outpost, purportedly attempting to apprehend a fraudster evading arrest.
Despite being rushed to a private hospital by neighbors and the police, she succumbed to her injuries.

The police officer, allegedly not affiliated with the Gonin Gora Outpost, was said to be responsible for arresting Yahoo boys in the area. The police officer reportedly fled, and even his superior was unaware of his whereabouts.

Despite condolences from the killer’s family and community association, the police authorities have remained silent.  He said he is now facing pressure to bury his wife hastily, with the killer’s family offering to cover the expenses.

Numerous questions haunt Sunday, from the circumstances surrounding the shooting to the conduct of the doctor and the silence of the police authorities. His plea for justice raises concerns about safety, accountability, and the lack of official response.

As the grieving family seeks justice, their plea echoes concerns about police accountability, procedural misconduct, and the urgent need for an unbiased investigation into the circumstances leading to this devastating loss of life.

The community watches closely as this tragedy unfolds, with many joining the call for Justice