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Lady feeds her dog draw soup and eba, video wows many

In the video, the lady calmly sat on her bed holding a bowl filled with eba and draw soup. Using her hand, she fed the dog eba from the bowl directly into its mouth.
This video got many people talking when she was seen in a TikTok video feeding her dog eba with the help of draw soup.
The video quickly caught the attention of many, with one commenter referring to the dog as very understanding.


My dog’s favorite food #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #dog #viral

♬ Vision sped up madi – 💙Qing Madi💙


See some reactions below:

Fikayomi: “‎Very understanding dog”

FEOLU|CONTENT CREATOR: “‎I’ve the same dog he only loves human being food.”

Bossbby51: “‎I remember wen I was feeding mine eba … na so another person go touch her tail the Werey dog bite my hand.”