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Lady shares how her friend in school framed her for a Crime she did not commit

A lady has shared how her friend in school framed her for a Crime she did not commit

She said they finished their final exams and her friend told her that her big sister wanted her to meet her and she is around. So she rushed and wished her other friends go bye and they both were outside the school gate.

She noticed she was making a call and all of a sudden a hand touched her from behind asking if she was Ololade . When she turn it was a black tall woman and and a guy wearing black and she was arrested.

She insisted on calling her mom before going to the station but they refused, on getting their she discovered that money was transferred from her account and it happened while she was with her phone. Instead of tracing the account the money was transferred too, she held her responsible.

Her mother came and bailed her and questioned while she has such a person as a friend because they trusted her. After the investigation, it was discovered that her boyfriend and her best friend were the culprit.

The police called her mom to apologize and returned the money she paid for the bail but she said she dashed them. She could not forgive her as she goes n@ked everyday to c¥rse her.