10 Content Creators you Might want to start following In Kaduna

Content Creation in Kaduna is now the fast growing art in which so many creatives have decide to venture into. 2023 have also been a big year for some of this creatives as they gain popularity and Recognition outside Kaduna and Beyond.

Here are 10 Kaduna Content Creators you might want to consider following if you want to become one in this coming year.


CIMAX Yaron Mudi is a Professional chef, a Mobile creative director. Gaining over 20, 000 followers on Instagram. He kicked off his content creation game in 2022 and since then have been consistently putting out food contents, he recently gained recognition from popular blogger Mufasa Tunde Ednut as he was posted. CIMAX is presently based in Abuja Nigeria and since he started from Kaduna, that makes him part of this list


popularly Known as The Dream junkie, is one of Kaduna’s Fastest growing Content Creators, His Niche ranges from daily lifestyle to Vlogging and events Updates. the dream Junkie is good in staying consistent as he always make sure he makes a post everyday .. that’s how he grows fast

Poli Cee 

Kaduna Based Igbo Boy Polycarp Onusulu is also another Content Creator you all should look out for in 2024, Poli Cee came in to the scene in April 2023 and since then have been trying to be consistent in bringing contents to independent artists, Music Creators and Creatives Generally. Poli Cee is the CEO of vibesloaded Ng and the Vibeshow an Online tv in Northern Nigeria.

Kraney Oye  

Kraney Blew the Mind of Kaduna TikTokers when he went viral over the night gaining about 60k followers over a night, he went ahead to gain over 1million views on a Post … This has never been done by any creative in Kaduna. Kraney Oye is known for his Unique style of content in which he interpretes Yoruba Proverbs.


A photographer and a digital creative who is also a content creator. His niche ranges from Advice and christian contents. Leo Ralph is known for his consistent contribution to the Kaduna Twitter community. You can follow him for his Good Contents

Habiba Gado 

Habiba is Popularly Known for her glasses sales in Northern Nigeria, Kaduna Especially she is Nicknamed the Glasses Girl and is the CEO of Sucrelyiz Glasses, She is a Hausa content Creator known for her Unique videos and lifestyle stories, events and so much more ..


Judith Caleb came to the limelight when she came up with her blog years ago. She became the first Female Blogger in Kaduna. over the years, Judith Caleb have been consistently putting out contents, and also creating for other brands and companies.

Vicker Vick 

Vicker Vick is now based In Ghana, But still makes it to the list as part of his audience are basically from Kaduna Nigeria where he grew from. Vicker Vick is known for his creative content For other Content Creators and Digital Creatives in the Space.


Jahlove is a Renowned Graffiti artists based in Kaduna Nigeria. He is basically known for his graffiti art works and traveling around Nigeria doing what he love. Jahlove posts more about his job and Graffiti creating videos of his tours and his paintings

Naomi Amaris 


Naomi is a Newbee in the game, a Content Creator that talks on a Ladies Lifestyle, Encouraging Decency amongst young Ladies, As A student, Naomi Faces chalanges of being consistent, but have always released good contents


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