I wan marry rich man; must I repeat history?” – Podcaster

A Nigerian podcaster airs on her desire to marry a rich man as she insists on not repeating the mistakes her parent made by not being with a wealthy partner.

The lady, Pearl, appeared on the Rated Eighteen podcast where she insisted that she cannot make the same mistake of the past of not marrying into a rich family.

According to her, her father isn’t rich and for this she has to marry a man that is wealthy so she doesn’t repeat the same history of not having enough wealth.

She added that even those who are wealthy sometimes prefer still marrying from a rich family. To give sense to her argument, she cited that not even the children of Dangote are getting married to poor people.

Pearl emphasized that because her father is not rich, she must get married to a man that is rich.

See reactions which trailed her opinion …

@yinkapee stated: “I Dey with you girl But why don’t you get rich
Dem don curse una for una family say you no fit rich again?”

@Hemhem4361 reacted: “Why can you find a way to make yourself rich”

@Bethel_Anun wrote: “So as your papa no rich, have you personally made the wealth he didn’t make?”

@Rohees_ said: “Your papa no rich, you sef no wan rich, say no to trans generational poverty o.”

@gynola_ola stated: “I wish everyone will stop being triggered with what some of this ladies say on podcast, it’s their opinion…


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