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Spoken Word: Meerah – The Journey

Spoken Word: Meerah – The Journey

Listen to the Heart Touching Piece from Meerah Cool


The Journey

_ I stand on the altar of resilience to alter odd narratives
_ Native of strength I am….. Yes I love yam.
_ I worth more than Terra coin that serving a dish less Terra seasoning is termed invaluable.
_ like a honey spinner, hunting for honey from it comb, the journey is hard work in 3-folds.
_ on your mark, get set, go!!!
_ This is a journey with number of miles…
_ each step offering a sip of adventure, drawing you closer or farther to pleasure.
_ Haven worn the helmet of determination
_ girded with garment of faith…
_ I hope your luggages has no discouragement for the soil you tread on May be void.
_ Are you ready to occupy?
_ This is the journey!!!
_ Many have invested and travelled this lane not in a plane. Don’t get me wrong….
_ it is a plain in need of foundation.
_ A race with trace of success, sprinkled with spices of pain and struggles.
_ It is no longer story, this is the journey!!!
_ you’re not competing with opponents rather giving room for flaws to exit your floor.
_ you may have seen, heard, perceived, felt or tasted the joy… anxiety… embedded in the journey…..
_ Just like a celebrant who is restless to lay hands on the anonymous gift as unwrapping commences.
_ I can see you boiling with purpose..
_ Having wishes to catch your fishes.
_ you went as far as awakening the Tobi Amusan in you to arrive the land of your dreams. Yet….
_ you stumble when the sky grumbles.
_ Bow to your cage as the water rage.
_ you stagger at the sight of the dagger.
_couldn’t cope when hope appeared hopeless.
_ This is the journey!!!
_ You know Fred? He forced down some pills of disappointment down my throat when he said: ” History may not be His Story”
_ I keep my hope alive because you’re not Fred to diminish the rule of determination+Hardwork equals Success.
_ I esteem you highly because you are not Fred to forget that your path to success may be thousand miles while mine, ten thousands, leaving us to estimate how far and well we’ve gone.
_ relax…. No suicide… Decide on the path to go, having your mind fixed on ” your time is coming” because in your life, there is no delay in God’s plan.
_ This is the journey!!!
_ So, I remind you of Albert Einstein who was thought to be mentally handicapped but did wonders.
_ Ben carson who Rose from zero to hero.
_ it is not too late for you like Jay Z who was turned down as a rapper because of old age.
_ you may be in captivity like Galileo Galilei who became a legend of scientific revolution.
_ If you can release your mind and be our “Les Brown” holding tight on to the mindset of “it is not over until I win”.
_ Be like Mahatma Gandhi who kept pushing until India gained independence.
_ Hold on to optimism like Miracle Zubairu till you get to the top.
_ This is the Journey!!!
_ No one feed without planting the seed.
_ No one sort task without taking risk.
_ No cake is baked without an egg being whisked.
_ No one builds castle with no hustle.
_ woman, No one buys that cream with no dream.
_ failure is a temporary defeat.
_ even in success, people taste failure.
_ Unveil your mind off negativity.
_ Pull your feet off the trap of comfort.
_ Get to business and be built.
_ Stand bold and ready to contain things yet to come.
_ This is the journey…. EXPLORE!!

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