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Just like the previous week, Kaduna vibrant Music Industry continuously takes the scene with good sounds, thanks to a multitude of talented and creative artists. This week came with a lot of good song from Kroc city entertainers Determining the best songs becomes a challenging task considering various factors such as Public opinion, statistics and other criteria for measuring success.

However, after careful consideration, we have compiled a list of the top songs that have undeniably gained popularity in homes, clubs, airplays and streaming values within the week. These songs showcase artist who pay attention to detail and excel in their lyrical prowess.
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Extra: New and Spanking – Elcute – Jawon Laya
Jawon Laya by ELCUTE of the Gorilla EP is a song that is different from her normal Afrobeat sound. Looks like an RnB with a mixture of Amapiano. The lyrics and composition shows the artiste intentionally prepared her pen game for this kind of beat. Jawon Laya is currently the New sound of the Day, banging on all arenas and streaming platform

10 – Dave Breezie ft Famouz – Super Star (CR7)

This collaboration has been coming for quite a long time. The link up between Dave Breezie and Famouz is what lovers of the artistes have been expecting for quite a long time.
CR7 (Super Star) is a description of the Valuability of both artists. They call their selves superstars and the Ambassador of the Famous France Footballing Award Balon D’or, just Like Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). Both artist deserve their flowers and respect in the industry after they were both snub by the North Satisfied Award 2023 Nomination. CR7 (SuperStar) by Dave Breezie and Famouz has been trending and crossing borders, putting the Krocity Entertainment Industry on the Map again.

9 – Famouz – Coke Bottle

The beat is a typical dance beat and one that will make club bang, especially this end of the year. Famouz Coke bottle track explore some street OT with pidgin language.
Definitely, alluding his success to a supernatural being, Famouz with the lyrics talks about Girls/Ladies with Coke Bottle shapes in addition with how the waist spines. Those kind of waist can mostly be found in Nigeria, especially, Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja.

Coke Bottle by Famouz unarguably is one of the Top songs to release by a Kaduna grown Artist in the year 2023, with the wide number of acceptance by fans, number of streaming and partakers of the sound on Social media challenges.

8 – Prince VNS ft Engine, Lil Babs – Mood

Mood off Prince VNS project “the Greatest” Made it first entry at No. 10 spot of last week Top 10 weekly chartbox but moves to place down to occupy the No. 8 Spot of our Weekly Top 10 countdown. He taps in Engine and Lil Babs of this beautiful tune. The song has been trending on streaming platforms and also Radio plays. Mood by Prince VNS has been widely accepted my fans and music lovers

7 – A6ixx – Kilmanjaro

Kilimanjaro moves down from No 8 to No. 7 on this week Vibesloaded Chartbox (Top 10 Music of the Week) A6ixx continues to make a name for himself in the Afro beat Scene with Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is a real definition of contagious beats and deductive lyrics. The song has been trending on streaming platforms and also Radio plays. Kilimanjaro has been widely accepted my fans and music lovers.

6 – Quelabik ft Dynamix – Ekebe

Ekebe was on the No 7 last weeks but moves up to No 6 on this week Countdown. Ghanaian Norwegian Artist Que labik who taps in Kaduna producer turned singer Dynamix for Ekebe. Ekebe has gain prominence in just a short while of it release and also banging Not only in Kaduna, Nigeria but also in Ghana and other European Nations. Ekebe also got feature on Paris Born Norwegian Dj “Dj_St_Patrick” Playlist of the week and still hitting so many milestones. Ekebe is crossing borders and breaking boundaries, and perfect definition of Historical Nigerian and Ghanaian Collaboration.

5- Jimanni – Office

Jimanni Office unarguable one of the best sounds out of Kaduna in 2023. Office which he recorded to inspire the younger Jimanni and every younglings trying to forge their own path in life, is not only making wave in Kaduna but other neibouring state and countries. Radio Stations, Djs and media brands can’t stop slamming this Jam.

4 – Kayyswaggs ft Geezyshore – Ashawo Man

Kayyswaggs Tap in Geezyshore for Ashawo Man Banger which is buzzing in all streaming platform. Ashawo man is one of the Spotlight track on His recently released “Hoefessionall II EP”. Radio Houses, Djs and prominent event houses have been banging to the Ashawo man tune. No Disrespect Kayyswaggs Carry this music thing for head.

3 – Dj Cinch – Matan Arewa

Matan Arewa by the Senior Man has consistently reclaim the No. 3 spot for 3 weeks in a role.  Matan Arewa Is a song that Dj Cinch affectionately sings about his love for girls across the Northern region’s diverse states and have taken over and buzzing here in Kaduna and also far north.

2 – Dj Ab – Sa Ido

Sa Ido is still trending and made another feet when Ice Prince mention DJ AB among other rappers who are keeping the Rap game Up Up Up. Sa Ido is a song straight from Dj Ab’s Album, Your Fav. Sa Ido is one of the Spotlight Track of the Album and gaining main streams over streaming platforms and Hit over a 110k view on Youtube just few week of the release of the Official video.

1 – Kayyswaggz – Playboy SZN

Just like a Playboy, 2023 is definitely KayySwaggz Season. Playboy SZN off the “Hoefessional II” EP is another Banger which is buzzing in all streaming platform. Radio Houses, Djs and prominent event houses in the Northern Hemisphere and the Central capital of the country. The public acceptance of this track barely few weeks of it release is overwhelming. From the first line to the last line, Kayyswaggz took us through the life of a toxic playboy and lastly the meltdown.