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Pastor runs mad on wedding day

A bride was left shattered on her wedding day after her husband-to-be who’s a pastor went mad on the D-day. The pastor identified as John, however, encountered an amazing life transformation on his wedding day after going mad.

According to Afrimax English who had an interview with the pastor, he was a local cleric who was not financially buoyant.
He however trusted on the love he got from his congregation and community to finance his wedding.

It was gathered that the pastor made plans for a grand wedding without any financial input from his end.

Sadly, on his wedding day, none of the friends who promised him support came through and this made the frustrated pastor hit the street aimlessly instead of heading to his wedding venue.

He was thinking of leaving the country when help came. The media outlet claimed a good Samaritan stepped in and covered all the expenses for the wedding and the occasion was a success.

Afrimax English did not reveal the name of the church or country where it happened.

@hazeljohnson4048 said: “As a pastor why would he depend on people to pay for his wedding if you can’t afford a wedding do it private.”

@cherylcleveland7295 said: “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord, God had his back. Just as all things are possible with God and not man, congratulations!!”

@rubeihayovincent7298 said: “God who knows me even when I have not spoken a single word.”

@donnasmith8160 said: “Another great lesson of God’s way of escape. Praise Jesus!”

@jejetimes said: “He never let US down,He always on time. . .He is a faithful God, I trust you to take care of your son just like you always do I count on you father God (Papa chéri).”

@mosesgatsinzi7308 said: “That’s true God does miracles things happen in last when you don’t know anything and scared.”

@marykinyanjui7827 said: “He put his trust in men and that’s why they fail him but when he was in despair God remembered Him, great lesson only trust in God.”

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