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Rema recently took a break , he made it clear that he won’t be performing anywhere this December. Flying rumors says he even denied a $1m gig .
When the nomination list of the Grammy came out , it was disheartening to see the Rema’s calm down wasn’t nominated.
For your information;
Rema’s Calm down is the first African song to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify .
Rema’s calm down is the first African song to go popular in the Middle East.
Rema’s calm down down is the first African song to sit comfortably on Billboard for months . It has never happened.
With these , there were expectations. Yes when you work this hard and get these results there are expectations. Rema knew deep down that he will be nominated and yeah he deserves it . Then suddenly things turn around and we see Ayra’s “ Rush “ nominated instead of Rema’s Calm down . This can be hurting .
Rema being the mature person that he is, he can’t and won’t speak up . If he speaks up , people will also feel he is envious of Ayra or his other colleagues. If he speaks up people will ask if he wants everything for himself .
Being unable to handle this disappointment, Rema just decided to take a break . A very long break to heal .! Rema is an energetic young man who truly wants to take over the industry . If you see him suddenly going On a break , know something is terribly wrong . Rema deserved this and yes we can understand his pains.