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Meat 404 Hangout 2023 ushers Kaduna into Detty December proper

For the luckiest in Kaduna, those who could fuel their tanks full, afford the rising surge on e-hailing platforms, and stand the I Just Got Backs (IJGBs) that have been flooding the streets all week, the obvious place to begin this year’s Detty December was at the Memorable Garden of Goshen in the City of Sabon Tasha Kaduna.

Thousands of Nigerians and friends gathered last weekend at Goshen Memorial Park for Meat 404 Hangout 2023, the precursor event to the lazy December days.
And why was this?

Meat 404 Hangout occupies an uncanny position in the zeitgeist. It is one of the first big Detty December activities, early enough before people who actually live all year round in Kaduna begin to get jaded by those who have invaded their city.

It is also a signal that it’s that time of the year to begin to respond to Slack messages later than usual and burn through wages faster because this month’s pay will come earlier than normal.

For hours last Sunday, DJ after DJ, hypeman after hypeman mounted the Meat 404 Hangout, mixing beats, sweating, gaming and grooving, For most of the evening, the famous Meat 404 Hangout had come to life.

By the time the stars that dominated the year, Prince VNS, A6ixx, Sparrex, Fredie Bounce and those that have been stars for a long time finally mounted the stage, the crowd was ready to party till dawn.

Here are Beautiful Photos from The Events Below;