Artists will go hungry this December – Shallipopi’s Official Dj

Shallipopi’s official Dj, Dj Brightstar has said that many A-List artists in Nigeria will go hungry during the December festivities.  Brightstar attributes this to the outrageous amount the artists charge to perform at shows.

He noted that the high cost of bringing these artists to shows have began to diminish their demand in the entertainment industry.

Brightstar said this via his Instagram story while urging B and C-list artists to brace up for multiple shows this season as “it is their time”.

He wrote “Your favorite A-List artists will be broke this December because they have decided to charge outrageous amounts for shows. Prices that show promoters can’t afford. B and C list artists should just be ready, it’s going to shower blessings on them this season.”

Dj Brightstar also criticised artists for their greedy attitude, accusing them of acting unconcerned about the welfare of their team.

“Some artists are greedy and self-centered. They are fond of not paying their crew members after work, not even supporting by giving them credits because they simply want to shine alone yet when they go broke or no longer in the spotlight they still expect those around them to remain loyal to them.”

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