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N100m Is Enough For Me To Start Drinking Alcohol – Singer L.A.X

Nigerian singer, Damilola Afolabi, popularly known as L.A.X has revealed the only condition he would take alcohol.

The former Starboy Entertainment artiste said he would start drinking alcohol if he is offered N100 million.

He stated this in a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM, Lagos, while admitting that money was the main reason artistes undertake tours.

He said,

“If there is money involved, even if it is Saudi Arabia, I will go [to perform].

“Right now, I don’t drink but if you give me N100 million, I will drink two bottles of rozay.”

L.A.X also revealed during the interview that he “feel underrated [in the Nigerian music industry]. But I don’t think it’s that serious to me. I’m just doing what I love.

“And I feel like people around the world are seeing what I am doing. So it’s not like I am not doing something.

“Everybody has a journey. Everybody has the path that they are supposed to follow in life.

“So I just feel like some people will be underrated. And for you to even be underrated, that means you are rated.”