I Want To Learn How To Make Amapiano Songs” – Rema

In a recent interview, Nigerian singer Rema expressed a keen interest in acquiring the skills to create Amapiano songs.

Amapiano, a genre of house music that originated in South Africa in 2012, blends elements of deep house, jazz, lounge music, and features expansive percussive basslines.

Speaking in a recent Apple Music podcast, Rema said he is interested in making Amapiano music but needs time to learn it.

He said:-

“I feel like tapping into a sound, most especially when it is within Africa; I take my time to study. I don’t jump on the wave, I take my time to understand things. When me and Musa Keys were in the studio, I was like, ‘I know a lot of Nigerians are doing Amapiano but I need you to educate me about Amapiano. I do not want to hop on it. Yes, I can make a banger, but it is like can you teach me?’” he said.

“When I hear the ones from South Africa, it holds more spirit than the ones from anywhere else. Although I do not understand everything they are saying, I can feel the particles, the elements or the spiritual essence of the music. I know there is a lot of Amapiano from different parts of Africa, but educate me about yours, right? I feel like that’s necessary. I am so down to collaborate, and while I collaborate, I want to learn; I do not want to do it the wrong way. Yes, Amapiano is a sound I want to tap into but give me time with that!”

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