3 Things That Kizz Daniel Said His Baby Mama And Fatherhood has Changed About Him

Kizz Daniel is one of the most successful Nigerian musicians. Few months ago, he revealed that he had just welcomed a set of twins. After few weeks, he bought two apartments for the both of them and also revealed that he actually had three children, but unfortunately lost one of them. He has however revealed to his fans that his baby mama and fatherhood have changed him in some ways and here are three out of them.

1.More Responsible

He revealed that fatherhood has made him more responsible. Kizz Daniel is not the only male that has testified to this, as when a man starts having children, then tend to be more responsible. There are a lot of things they have to stop doing because of the children or better still reduce the level at which they do these things.

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2) Boring

He revealed that he is now somehow boring. The reason he said this was because he is not limited from using some particular words in the house. Sometimes he gets carried away and uses the words, but his baby mama will shout at him and say she doesn’t want him to corrupt her children with those words at a very young age. This will somehow limit the way he plays because he is trying to be careful with what he says.

3) A better person

Fatherhood no doubt makes someone a better person. Kizz Daniel has also revealed that since he had his babies, he is now a better person. He said he is trying to be a good role model for his kids. I love the fact that the Singer is intentional about his kids, and he thinks about them first before anything else…

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