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Business Monday: Five Skills You Can Invest in to Get Income for your Business In Nigeria Today

Nigeria Today is a Country where we are Saved By our skills and Businesses. As The Nigerian Government have failed to help provide jobs for the youths of the country.

Below is Five skills youth can Learn

1. Photography
Photography is One of the most trending skill today, Today we can Count Thousands of Freelance Photographers making More than a Living with What they do.

2. Graphics
Its Funny how Advertising in our today world is Been done to promote big and Small Businesses. Professional Graphic Designer have what it takes to work on any Organization, as long as it entails Publicity and Advertising.

3. Fashion Design
it have been Proved that Nigerian Fashion Have Upgraded to a Level Which new Styles and Looks are birthed Daily. Nigerian Fashion is been Expanded, and By this The Market is Open for everyone.

4.Catering Skills
Its Funny how Catering Skills Reach our Top Five skills, But Yes Ladies, This Can Be a Building Block for income If it is taken Serious. the Need For food In occasional Purposes has been Public Demand. A Young woman who Does Catering May earn More than a Banker who works 30 days.

5.Crypto Curency
The Biggest market Of Today is the Crypto Currency. as the world Advances in to The digital age, dealing in Crypto currency have become a way of building or Becoming Millionaire in the Twinkle of an eye. Crypto Currency by years to come may take over our Normal Legal Tender. The Central Bank of Nigeria Reportedly may Launch it own Digital Currency by October.

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