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Sinner Online Tour: Exclusive Interview with Privy

Sinner Online Tour: Exclusive Interview with Privy

Nigerian Upcoming Gospel Music Artist Privy is on an Oline Tour For his new Released Song “Sinner”

Check out Our Exclusive Interview With Privy Below:


VIBESLOADED NG: Who is Privy…..?, A Brief Introduction will do

PRIVY: Privy is a gospel artiste, an actor , a poet , a shoe maker and also a professional teacher, He hails from kogi state, BassA nge by tribe,

VIBESLOADED NG: Before Privy There is a Name.. What is your Main Name and How did the name privy Came in place

PRIVY: Samuel Ayelo Momoh
Actually “privy”
According to the Oxford dictionary simply means secret or hidden
By I gave it an acronym
P _ preaching
R _ repentance
I _ is
V _ very
Y _ neccessaY

VIBESLOADED NG: So coming back Music, How did the Music Carrier started??

PRIVY: It all started way back 2014
There is this hymn book we have so I’ll pick it up and starts spitting the lyrics while my kid bro plays drums
That’s how it all came to be
And Listening to Eminem also gave me the motivation to start the music cause I love his songs

VIBESLOADED NG: Aside Eminem, Which other artists or Rapper do you listen to?

PRIVY: I listen to :
Lil Wayne back then though
Kanye west
21 savage

VIBESLOADED NG: When Did you Start music professionally??

PRIVY: I started recording 2014
Back then I was in a group called dynamic
But professionally I started 2018

VIBESLOADED NG: Now coming to the New Song SINNER, What prompt you to write a Song with that Title, and what is the Song talking about

PRIVY: OK, I was once a secular artiste but now a gospel artiste
Came to play as a result of the death of my father , talking bout September 2021
Before his death he said something to me and I quote
” you an artiste , an actor and the rest what is the place of Christ in your life ”
I never took that serious till he died
So when I switched to the gospel , I decided to drop my first song sinner telling God to forgive me and also how I tried running from God but yet He was still waiting for me
And I’m glad am back to Him

VIBESLOADED NG: How do you feel been a Gospel Artist Now?

PRIVY: Wow,I feel great , I feel cool, Like I wished I had been in the gospel for a long time now
I just feel to good

VIBESLOADED NG: We are at the End of the Year, How has 2021 Been Musically?

PRIVY: Well , Musically I’ll say we actually did quite well, Although haven’t done much just a track release But we thank God and hope next year will be better

VIBESLOADED NG: What Should we expect Next year?

PRIVY: Wow wow wow, As Gad will say it, Y’all should expect something hooooge
I mean real hooge
A whole lot of things coming next year which will be unveiled as time come

VIBESLOADED NG: Been a Gospel Artist now, who is your dream Featured artist?

PRIVY: My first dream featured artiste is spokesman



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