Home Celebrity gist MUST READ: The Absence of the Best Rapper in Kaduna and what its Means

MUST READ: The Absence of the Best Rapper in Kaduna and what its Means

MUST READ: The Absence of the Best Rapper in Kaduna and what its Means

Over the last few months, Jimanni, formerly known as ‘Emmy Jay’ has
had to go through a refinement process, in a quest to seek deeper
meaning to his art. During the course of this process, Jimanni took a long
hiatus off the music scene, disappearing from social media for months
which brought about speculations from fans and supporters as to whether
he was still making music or not. A lot of concerned fans took to social
media to plead for his return to the music scene, requesting for new music
from the young talented musician.
Finally, Jimanni has returned and it is obvious there is something different
about him. He has become somewhat more of a ‘soft guy’ drifting away
from the popular notion that he’s just a hard core rapper. This new
development is of course a welcome one. His music has taken a new turn
for the better, his sound has been refined, redefined and rebranded into
something more appealing intended to propel him into mainstream
As we look deeper into the life of this new Jimanni, he seems much
happier, stable and interestingly he has come alive socially. He doesn’t
hesitate to give credit to his newly found love, his girlfriend whom he met
during a Diploma program which he recently completed. He says this new
relationship has put him in a better state of mind and has enabled him to
be more creative, hardworking and has inspired him to take on new
challenges in life. The artist expresses his passion and commitment
towards maintaining healthier relationships not just with his lady but with
friends, colleagues and supporters alike.
There is so much to be said about this incredibly gifted artist who has
over the years proven to be a worthy candidate for stardom in the music
industry but it all comes down to one thing; He is determined in his quest
to advocate for love and hope through his music, to use his gift for a
higher purpose. We are happy about his new relationship and hopefully
he and his lady serve us some couple goals in the nearest future.



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