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VibesMag: Checkout Exclusive Interview With “Mona” Drip_Monstar

Vibeloaded Ng Feature of the Day is Northern Nigerian Event Planner, Content creator, Model, and Fashion Stylist MONA. Featured on, Check out What he Have to Say about Northern Nigerian Entertainment, Fashion and Events.

Read Complete Interview Below

VIBESLOADED NG: I start By Asking, WHO IS MONA? a brief Introduction will do

MONA: Mona is a creative whose unique style and sense of dressing has earned him the name “Drip_monstar”. I hail from kogi state Nigeria but was born and raised in the city of Kaduna.

It’s is really difficult telling people about me because I’m a little bit of everything. I said “A little bit of everything” because I challenge myself always to do better and be better I whatever I find myself doing.(I don’t like limiting myself)

I spend a lot of time in front of the camera, Mona is socially inclined and he speaks and understand 4 different languages.(ENGLISH, IGALA, HAUSA AND YORUBA)

VIBESLOADED NG: What was your Driving Force to Modeling?

MONA: To be honest, I never thought I’d wind up doing modeling at any point. In the modelling industry, event organizers and scouts mostly look out for Tall and dark skinned models to work with and it was really difficult because being a light skinned dude didn’t really help. Lol!

I wasn’t dark skinned and definitely wasn’t that tall to make the cut. What I did was that I embraced being different and I used it as an edge to my advantage.

My driving force was the fact that I never saw my self as just a regular person… I’ve always thought of myself as being unique and as a result, that mentality sharpened my mind to never settle for less. YouTube played a very huge part in me becoming a runway model then because I have never being a part of any modeling agency and no one particularly thought me about modelling. Everything I know today is thanks to YouTube and me consistently surfing the internet. So to answer your question, Being grateful at everything I get involve with has always been my push and driving force irrespective of Modeling or every other thing I do.

VIBESLOADED NG: Coming into Entertainment, The Whole Big Story Revolves Round the Southern Part of the Country, How Do you see the North Reaching that Height?,
Is it Possible?

MONA: It is no news that some of the best talents in the entertainment industry in Nigeria started their career in the north. The amount of talent that has emerged and still emerging from the north can’t be overemphasized. Sadly, just like medical doctors leaving Nigeria for better opportunities abroad….same can be said about the amount of talents leaving the north to the south -western and southern part of Nigeria for better opportunities. Personally, I think the northern part of Nigeria is a long way away from reaching that height. However, I still feel there are programs that can be set in place with the necessary funds and people selected to see the project through thoroughly without bias…..only then can the entertainment sector improve.

VIBESLOADED NG: Northern Nigeria Houses Some of the Wealthiest Persons In the country, And We Still Find it difficult to Stand when it comes to Entertainment, Should we say Religion, And Crises play a Role in this?

MONA: For those who really know me know that I don’t like talking religion and I believe that the wealthy folks in the North definitely got what they like and also, that people will spend their money on what they have interest in. Perhaps entertainment isn’t their thing.

VIBESLOADED NG: This will be the last Under Northern Entertainment, Do We expect to See a Nigerian Superstar Talking about Wizkid, Burna Boy or Davido performing in North Soon, not talking about Abuja, But including Kaduna, Kano and Other Far north, as an Event Personnel Do we see that happening soon?

MONA: Definitely! The issue of insecurity in the northern part of Nigeria has been a thing of worry for years now and as a result created a huge dent in entertainment and businesses generally. But then again, the big shots will definitely come through if the money is right and their safety is guaranteed. The right price will surely do the trick.

VIBESLOADED NG: Fashion Have Been an African Style Of portraying our Culture, Being a Fashion Stylist, What is your role of Play in Improving this Culture that Have been Birthed Long ago

MONA: To be honest, As with everything that comes with time, fashion has changed and evolved in ways that I cannot begin to mention. Fashion means different things to different people, for some it’s a way of life and for others, it’s a way of preserving heritage and culture, for most people fashion is freedom in which they express themselves. So you see, it means different things to different people.

As for the role I play, fashion comes naturally to me and over the year has become a part of me. I play a vital role in helping people find their style and help them create the persona they have always imagined or visualised in their mind’s eye. Common! The name “Drip_monstar” is just a name….I live up to it.

VIBESLOADED NG: Moving On.. We would Love to know how this “Drip Monstar” Title Came in Place?

MONA: Oh! Drip_monstar….

The name wasn’t hard to come up with because I drip finesse wherever I go and if you noticed, the Monster is spelt as “Monstar” because My name is MONA and I’m a STAR hence the MonStar.

You gerrittt? If you don’t get it forgerittt. 😂😂

VIBESLOADED NG: Personal Life, Is Mona Single, Married, In a Relationship, or Searching?

MONA: Ah!, Mona is in a Relationship.

VIBESLOADED NG: What is Mona’s Best Meal?

MONA: Honestly, I get excited about certain food sometimes but then again, if I eat them frequently I get tired. I don’t have one…I just eat whatever goes with my mood, tastes good and am comfortable eating.

VIBESLOADED NG: What is Mona’s Favorite Game Or Sport?

MONA: Football

VIBESLOADED NG: The Brand ” Drip_Monstar ” what height Do we see Mona in the Next two Years from now?

MONA: I’m a very confident person and I believe in my ability and how much work I’m putting in….But then again, I don’t want to put a limit or cap to the height/level I want to be in the next two years because I’m trusting God to help me exceed my expectations. I have always put God’s plans for me first before my own plans and it has worked perfectly for me throughout my journey.




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